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The best Android phone 2020 you'll buy is that the OnePlus 8 Pro, ther OnePlus 8 Pro is the best phone 2020, because it brings an excellent combination of hardware quality, specs, display, cameras, and software to a palatable price for a high-end phone. Competition makes for better products, and therefore the Android ecosystem is more competitive than ever. If you would like a replacement Android phone at any price range, we've done the research to separate the good from the great, and therefore the good from the bad. This list will assist you make your next purchase easier.

Best phone for me

1. Best android phones 2020: OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 Pro comes in the first number if you are looking for a Best android phones 2020. OnePlus 8 Pro is impressive and well-designed as any high-end smartphone are often. If you recognize anything about OnePlus phones, you will be happy to understand it doesn't upend the normal OnePlus formula. Instead, it extends it to its logical place within the world of 2020 flagships with more features and a better price.

The hardware goes toe-to-toe with any best budget android phone out there, and it's punctuated by the simplest display OnePlus has ever used. It's bright, colourful and features a 120Hz refresh rate. Inside, there are exceptional specs, which results in fantastic performance because of the super-smooth OxygenOS software — it's just a joy to use.

The 8 Pro also brings the simplest cameras yet to the OnePlus phone, with a replacement primary sensor that steps up its game to a real flagship level. the whole camera experience may be a small step behind the likes of the Galaxy S20+, on the other hand again, it is also a touch less costly. That's really where the 8 Profits in. it is a true flagship experience top to bottom, for just a touch less money than the normal players with big brand names. The OnePlus 8 Pro is  a best phone to buy in 2020.



·         Large, beautiful 120Hz display
·         Greatly improved main and wide-angle cameras
·         Excellent battery life
·         OxygenOS is best-in-class Android software
·         Wireless charging and IP68 rating
·         Much more expensive than before
·         Limited 5G compatibility in the U.S.
·         Telephoto camera isn't good
·         Some software and camera bugs still present

2. Best android phones 2020: Samsung Galaxy S20+

Before the Galaxy S20 series came out, our top pick here was the Galaxy S10+ — and everything Samsung did this year made it easy to recommend the S20+. The S20+ makes improvements across the board, with a much bigger display that features a super-smooth 120Hz refresh rate, a bigger 4,500mAh battery, more RAM, and a replacement Snapdragon 865 processor. Every Galaxy S20+ is 5G capable also, for all of the U.S. carriers, which is not the biggest deal immediately but will become more critical as we push into 2021.

The huge move up is with the cameras, with a replacement array both front and back. The new sensors are all larger and let in additional light so you'll take dramatically better low-light photos. it isn't entirely on the extent of the Pixel 4 XL, but this is often an enormous intensify for Samsung and is not any longer a shortcoming of this flagship. you furthermore may get capable zooming up to 5X, while keeping an ultra-wide camera for more shooting variety and it is the Best android phones 2020 .

The only way the S20+ steps down from the S10+ is in its price and removal of the headphone jack. the bottom phone may be a few hundred dollars quite it had been last year, and removing the audio jack may be a severe blow for those that believe it or prefer the sound quality. But both are a results of the way the entire industry goes — phones keep getting costlier, and Samsung was already one among the last holdouts within the high-end space the keep a 3.5 mm jack. You can consider Samsung Galaxy S20+ as a best phone to buy in 2020.



·         Best-in-class display
·         Good battery life
·         Exceptional performance
·         Great all-around cameras
·         5G enabled
·         Expensive for 128GB of storage
·         Camera zoom much weaker than S20 Ultra
·         Slow fingerprint sensor
·         No headphone jack

3. Best android phones 2020: Moto G Power

With no Moto G8 models being sold directly within the U.S. this year, the new Moto G Power fills therein gap by offering a solid Android experience at an incredible price. The phone stands call at the battery department, offering multi-day endurance. Pair that with great software, fun cameras, and solid specs all around, and therefore the Moto G Power packs quite punch.

That said, lacking NFC and facing Motorola's infamous history with slow software updates might be a reason to consider before picking one up. However, if you would like to save lots of money, you cannot beat this price. This is the best budget android phone.

The Pixel 3 XL was the simplest camera you'll get during a smartphone, but the 4 XL blows it away. In daylight, mixed-light, and even super-low-light, it consistently takes better photos than the other Android. While we had issues with the three XL's speed, the camera app is additionally now fast and fluid. A secondary zoom lens, paired with clever software, takes great zoom shots. Its front-facing camera isn't as wide as before, and that is really the sole marginal downside here. It still takes crisp, colorful, and bright photos, along side great portrait selfies.

The Pixel 4 XL, as an entire phone, is, unfortunately, disappointed by a couple of shortcomings. Its battery life is that the weakest of the flagship competition, it's weaker RAM (6GB) and storage (64 or 128GB), and its Face Unlock system hasn't been adopted by all of the foremost popular apps that require biometric identification. However, that shouldn't detract from all of the good things this phone does — and it's still entirely within the conversation of the simplest phones you'll get today.



·         Ultra-wide and macro cameras are fun
·         Two or three days of battery life
·         Motorola's excellent software add-ons
·         Compatible with all U.S. carriers
·         Can't beat that price
·         Fingerprint magnet hardware
·         No NFC in 2020 is just ridiculous
·         Slow charging speeds
·         Motorola's update speed

4. Best android phones 2020: Google Pixel 4a

The Pixel 4a is that the best phone value available today, period. Google's packed most of what makes the Pixel 4 series good into a smartphone that costs over 50% less. you furthermore may get a compact device that, in spite of its size, excels within the battery life department. Seriously, this phone lasts all day then some.

Perhaps the foremost impressive a part of the 4a is its camera, which is almost on par with the Pixel 4. the most camera shoots exceptional photos altogether lighting conditions, with Night Sight really showing its strength in poor lighting. Google even added Astrophotography mode this point around, and improved the already-impressive Portrait Mode.

The front-facing camera is additionally tack-sharp, and focuses more quickly than on the Pixel 3a from last year. Both front and back, you're getting flagship-level camera quality out of a phone that's a fraction of the worth. Google's also improved the video quality this year, because of an improved Snapdragon 730 SoC and 6GB of RAM standard. The Google Pixel 4a is best phone to buy in 2020.

So what does one lose by spending 300 and fifty dollars rather than eight hundred or a thousand? Well, the Pixel 4a is formed of plastic, and lacks both water resistance and wireless charging, features you'll deem granted at a better price point. It also only comes in one size, a 5.8-inch variant, and one color, black. there is no storage size options, either: you get 128GB of internal memory, which should be plenty for many people, but a scarcity of microSD expansion could also be a drag for the content collectors out there. And it should go without saying that the Pixel 4a lacks 5G support — though Google has promised to release a bigger Pixel 4a 5G later this year alongside a more premium Pixel 5.

All of those limitations shouldn't impede your desire to shop for the Pixel 4a, which has been one among the simplest smartphone surprises of 2020 so far— albeit it did launch a couple of months late. From the dimensions to the performance to the battery life and camera quality, Google's latest budget phone may be a winner.



·         Super-smooth 90Hz display
·         Top-notch camera quality back and front
·         Simple, useful and fast software
·         Nice-looking and feeling hardware
·         Excellent face unlock speed

·         Incredibly weak battery life
·         Motion Sense has little real-world use
·         Low RAM and storage for the money
·         Many apps still incompatible with Face Unlock

5. Best android phones 2020: OnePlus 8

OnePlus didn't change much within the 8 coming from the 7T, but it didn't actually need to. You get a fresh hardware design that keeps it more in line with the 8 Pro, plus a bump in specs and 5G with an equivalent great basics. You get a superb 90Hz display, great battery life, consistent camera performance, and fantastic software.

In keeping its price relatively affordable within the scheme of high-end flagships, you had to miss out on a few of things. The cameras didn't improve from the 7T, and in some ways got worse — you lose a telephoto camera, and gain a fanatical macro shooter that may not of much use. Unlike the 8 Pro, there is no wireless charging here. At an equivalent time, you've got to affect the very fact that OnePlus is charging quite it did six months ago for effectively this same experience.

Still, if you would like to dip your toe into 5G with a higher-end phone, but don't need to spend top dollar, this is often the thanks to go. you'll get full 5G support on T-Mobile, or buy directly from Verizon — and internationally, support for 5G on multiple carriers is superb in most markets. This is the last pick from Best android phones 2020.



1.    Incredible camera for the money
1.    Performance not on flagship levels
2.    Excellent build quality with polycarbonate shell
2.    Only comes in one size, color and storage level
3.    Guaranteed software updates

4.    Clean Android build

How to choose the simplest Android phone

Best phone 2020 are highly complex and feature-rich gadgets that are capable of tons of various things, and intrinsically, finding the one that's best for you'll be a frightening task. Lucky for you, we've put together a touch guide below highlighting a number of the most important questions you ought to ask yourself when buying one, along side rankings of which Android phones have the simplest display, camera, and more.

How much money does one got to spend?

First thing's first, let's mention what's likely the foremost pressing question for several of you reading this — what proportion money do you have to spend on a replacement phone?

Ultimately, this comes right down to much you're willing/able to spend and what tier of phone you would like. As a general rule of thumb, there are three main categories of phones at different price points:

  • Low-end/budget phones
  • Mid-range phones
  • Flagship phones

In general, spending extra money will get you a better-performing and more premium phone. Thankfully, we have seen a trend over the previous couple of years of best budget android phone getting really, specialized.

Take the Moto G Power, for instance. It wont to be you could not get a top quality phone for an entry-level price. Still, with the Moto G Power, you're getting a tool with slick hardware, an honest display, capable cameras, a fingerprint sensor, and expandable storage — just to call a couple of features. Mid-tier handsets, just like the Samsung Galaxy A71 and Google Pixel 3a XL, offer more powerful specs for a touch extra money.

Flagship phones have kind of split off into two sub-groups as lately, including "lite" flagships and fully-fledged ones. The OnePlus 8 may be a perfect example of a lite flagship. It costs an honest deal but flagships from Samsung, but it still manages to supply a flagship-level processor, a huge amount of RAM, top-notch build quality, and more. Some things take a backseat with these phones, however, and that is often within the camera department and extras like water resistance.

Then there's fully-fledged flagships — the Galaxy S20+, OnePlus 8 Pro, and so on. These are the foremost expensive phones the market has got to offer, and while they are not perfect, they're the phones where companies contribute everything they need to supply to make for the simplest experience possible. You're getting the simplest materials, best displays, best cameras, and 5G connectivity.

You could make the argument that nobody really must buy a flagship phone lately considering how good low-end and mid-range options became, but it all depends on what features you would like, what specs matter the foremost to you, and the way flexible your budget is.

What size phone do you have to buy?

While Best android phones 2020 just about all have an equivalent generic rectangular shape, they are available during a sort of sizes starting from ultra-portable to miniature movies. the dimensions of the phone you purchase depends tons on its screen size. The larger the screen a phone has, the larger its physical size are going to be. like all things, there are benefits to both small and enormous new phone 2020.

As you'd expect, a smaller phone is simpler to use with one hand and more likely to suit within the pockets of your skinny jeans. For folks that are always on the go and need something that they will comfortably text on in one hand while chugging their Starbucks latte within the other, a smaller phone is that the thanks to go. However, with a smaller size and smaller screen, you'll be more cramped when watching movies or playing games.

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