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Gaming Headset Buying Guide || Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

It is best to have an idea of the headphones to buy, to maintain a strategic distance from the disarray of choosing from the assortment in the market. In our inclusion, we have assessed the main 5 Best PS4 Headsets Under 50 dollars. I suggest that you read through the audit of every one of them and utilize our buyer's manual to decide the most reasonable one to give the best gaming experience. 

A gaming headphone is a must-have when you need to profit by the best gaming experience. All things considered, this is the best way to bring your online PS4 game in a real existence like circumstance. When you choose to buy ps4 headsets, settling on the correct decision can be a muddled assignment regardless of being an expert gamer. 

Henceforth, this implies you have to have the idea of what the best gaming headphones ought to incorporate with the goal that you can make your choice procedure simple.

It is best to have an idea of the headphones to buy, to maintain a strategic distance from the disarray of choosing from the assortment in the market. In our inclusion, we have assessed the main 5 Best PS4 Headsets Under 50 dollars. I suggest that you read through the audit of every one of them and utilize our buyer's manual to decide the most reasonable one to give the best gaming experience. 

Things to Consider When Buying a Gaming Headset for PS4

1. Solace – How agreeable will the headphones be much after extended periods of time of wearing them? This is a factor to consider having at the top of the priority list that you should remain with them for extended periods. You would prefer not to get headphones that will squeeze you leaving you awkward or those that will leave you perspiring.

Furthermore, you would prefer not to get those that can't be changed in accordance with giving a legitimate fit. In this way, consider the non-abrasiveness of the material and decide on one with a customizable headband.

2. Sound quality – Ps4 headsets should not exclusively be agreeable to wear, however, they should let you hear the sound boisterous and clear without stress. Accordingly, the best headphones should include a commotion dropping element, while the receiver should pick your sound with a ton of lucidity.

3. Sturdiness – Another point to consider when settling on a decision is a toughness. Thus check for the development material and decide whether it is that that can keep going for long. After everything, you would prefer not to go through huge entireties of cash just to get an item that will separate after a brief timeframe. Thus, consider the development and guarantee that it is one that can last. More to this, keep an eye on client surveys and get to know their view on solidness and unwavering quality.

4. Nearness of controls – Does the headset include the control catches you utilize most in your gaming? The controls that can be highlighted on the headsets must be identified with sound. Along these lines, check in the event that they highlight a volume controller and a catch to quiet your speakers. These are basic catches since you would prefer not to arrive at your gadget each time you have to alter the volume. Thus, get a headset with these controls included readily available.

5. Cost – How much would you say you will spend and what amount does the headset cost? As a rule, you will find that the best PS4 headphones are very costly. Be that as it may, our survey focuses on reasonable headphones. It is vital that you generally consider the highlights first before deciding the measure of cash to leave behind.

Here are the top 5 best gaming headsets for PS4 under 50 dollars.

  • 1. Turtle Beach Recon 50p

Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

In the event that you are anticipating getting a headset that incorporates the features of the best ps4 headset under 50 dollars, you should think about this one. In light of its plan, it is dark and with blue enhancements. It includes a separable mic with froth insurance and implicit wires. The earphones are light in weight and comfortable.

They include a strong plastic development to guarantee that they are not substantial, subsequently giving you long comfortable gaming hours. Far and away superior, the earpads highlight a cowhide and froth development that adds to the solace. Also, is that the head lash is adjustable to ensure an ideal fit each time you wear them.

The head tie is likewise cushioned to improve your solace. When it comes to usefulness, this headset will convey exceptional execution. When playing your game, it will empower you to profit by an unmistakable talk with your gammers. The purpose of this is its adjustable and exceptionally touchy mic that gets your voice boisterous and intelligible.

When you want to tune in to music or watch motion pictures, you can expel this mic with the goal that you can get a comfortable and an undistracted experience. The headset likewise incorporates top-notch 40mm speakers that empower you to hear each fresh high and roaring low.

Another in addition to the Turtle beach earphones is the advantageous in-line controls. These permit you to control the volume or quiet the speakers without going after your gaming or music gadget. This headset is perfect with PS4 Pro, PS4, PC, Mac, new Xbox One controller with the 3.5mm jack, just as telephones and tablets with a 3.5 mm association.

You May Like Turtle Beach Recon for the Following Key Specifications:

  • Huge 40mm over-ear (shut) speakers.
  • Advantageous implicit in-line controls 
  • A high-affectability, adjustable and removable mic.
  • Flexible 3.5mm jack. 
  • Full-size ear pads enclosed by engineered cowhide.
  • A padded and adjustable headband.


 Like our top pick, these headsets will give a perfectly clear discussion because of the high-affectability mic. You can remain ensured to get a comfortable long-hour gaming experience because of the lightweight, adjustable and cushioned headband, just as the cushioned earpads. The 40mm top-notch speakers empower you to hear all of the sounds, while the 3.5 mm, jack makes them ideal for an association with good gadgets.

These headsets permit you to have the basic controls readily available. In that capacity, you don't need to move when you want to quiet the speakers or fluctuate the volume. The item quantifies 8.7 x 3.9 x 9.5 inches while it weighs 1.1 pounds.

  • 2. Sades SA-810 Headphone

Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

What would be better than our second pick today? These gaming headphones come at a low price, but they include a lot of features that make them highly functional. They are compatible with the PS4, PC, new Xbox One, mobile, and tablet devices.

Thanks to the 3.5mm jack. The headsets are easy to set up and comfortable to wear even for long gaming hours due to the soft and good air permeability protein earmuffs. Another plus of these headphones is that they feature a 40mm high-flux neodymium iron boron/drive unit. Due to this, the sensitivity of your speaker will be enhanced letting you benefit from a high-quality sound.

What’s more, it is a high-quality microphone. It features a super noise-reduction function so that it picks up sounds with great sensitivity while removing the surrounding noise. The design of this microphone is flexible and retractable, to enable you to use it in a way that you will benefit from much comfort. The headphones include a strong braided cord designed for use by gamers.

You May Like Sades SA810 Headphone for the Following Key Specifications:

  • A 3.5mm jack plug.
  • A 40mm high-flux neodymium iron boron that enhances the sound quality.
  • A high-quality microphone with a noise reduction function.
  • A multi-point pressure head beam.
  • A strong braided cord.
  • Soft and good air-permeability protein earmuffs.

Summary- the Sades gaming headphones include a 3.5mm plug that makes it compatible with devices that features a 3.5 mm port. A 40mm high-flux drive unit enables them to produce a high-quality sound.

These headphones will you benefit from a quiet gaming environment due to the noise-reduction microphone. The product measures 8.5 x 8 x 3.9 inches while it weighs 1.1 pounds. The maximum input power is 30mW, while the mic sensitivity is -54dB +/- 3 dB.

  • 3. HyperX Cloud Stinger

Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

At only 275 grams, this headset piece is light so you can wear it over long gaming hours and stay agreeable. The headset features ear cups that pivot up to 90-degree to empower you to get an appropriate fit.

In addition, is that this headset features 50mm directional drivers that are corresponding to the ear so you get an incredible sound quality. To improve your solace, this headset incorporates a great HyperX signature flexible foam.

The headset additionally has a movable steel slider that is worked to last. With the instinctive volume control on the earcup, you don't need to hold moving to your gaming gadget to change the volume since you can transform it utilizing the volume slider.

Also, the set incorporates a swivel-to-quiet receiver. At the point when you need to quiet it, you only need to flip it vertically on your head. The inherent latent commotion undoing is another component that diminishes the foundation clamor with the goal that you only focus on the sound from your headphones.

The headset is perfect with different devices including the PS4, Xbox One, Wii U and cell phones. It features a 3.5mm stereo fitting and a PC augmentation with two 3.5mm stereo and mic plugs so it is anything but difficult to associate your devices. The headset is TeamSpeak and Discord guaranteed. It is likewise perfect with a few visit programs.

You May Like HyperX Cloud Stinger Keyboard for the Following Key Specifications:

  • 90-degree pivoting earcups.
  • A customizable steel slider.
  • Worked in uninvolved commotion undoing.
  • 50mm directional drivers.
  • Hyperx signature adaptable foam.
  • A swivel-to-quiet amplifier.
  • 3.5mm stereo fitting.


These headsets are an appropriate decision when you need agreeable, light, yet utilitarian gaming headsets. The headset only weighs 275 grams while it estimates 9.5 x 10.75 x 3 inches. It has ear cups that turn up to 90 degrees, planned for furnishing you with an ideal fit. With this unit, you will get high solid quality because of the 50mm drivers situated corresponding to your ears.

Far and away superior, this item will let you make the most of your gaming experience serenely since you won't have to continue moving to change the volume. With a 3.5 stereo fitting, the headsets allow you to appreciate sound from devices that can interface with it. The top-notch HyperX signature adaptable foam is another in addition to that adds to the solace of having them on for extended periods of time.

  • 4. VersionTech G2000

Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

This headset features a 3.5 mm plug that makes it compatible with 3.5mm devices. It can bolster a PS4, New Xbox One, PC, PSP, workstations, PCs, iPhone, Tablet, cell phone among different devices.

Be that as it may, note that the headset isn't compatible with the PS3 and Xbox360. When you have to interface it to the old rendition of the Xbox One controller, you will require an extra Microsoft connector which is excluded.

Another in addition to these headsets is that they will furnish you with a completely clear stable. With the implicit business driving high exactness 50mm attractive neodymium driver, the affectability of the speakers will be upgraded along these lines empowering you to profit by a top-notch sound. Additionally, is that the omnidirectional noise decrease innovation will let you have a reasonable online talk since it will assist cut with excursion the noise out of sight.

This headset features a vigorous material development and a high-elasticity that will persevere through falling, in this manner forestalling breakage. Its 2.2-meter cable features a military-grade durable twisted wire that can last you for an all-inclusive period. The headsets highlight a structure that will give a lot of solaces since the ear pads include a manufactured cowhide wrap. Likewise, is that the headband is customizable with the goal that it gives you an ideal fit.

The headband remembers for line controls that are strategically located on the wire so you can quiet your speakers when you wish. The volume control button is likewise readily available for a simple change of the volume.

You May Like VersionTech G2000 for the Following Key Specifications:

  • A 3.5 mm plug cable.
  • Worked in a high-accuracy 50mm attractive neodymium driver.
  • An omnidirectional noise decrease innovation.
  • Strong material development.
  • A 2.2-meter durable cable.
  • Skin-accommodating leatherette ear pads.


For durable and useful gaming headsets, you may need to consider getting one of these. The headset features a high bendability strong development to empower it to withstand a fall or press. The 2.2-meter cable is a durable twisted wire additionally intended to give sturdiness. With this headset, you can make certain to get profit by an extraordinary gaming experience since the in-line control catches are readily available.

Far superior, you can get an unmistakable sound while talking with your gamers because of the 50mm attractive neodymium driver just as the omnidirectional noise decrease innovation. The headsets highlight a 3.5 mm, plug to permit an association with compatible devices. It estimates 8.4 x 7.8 x 4.2 inches while it weighs 1.6 pounds.

  • 5. BENGOO G9000 Gaming Headset

Top 5 best ps4 headset under 50

This headset mixes in adaptability, solidness, and execution works across the board unit. It is good with an assortment of gadgets because of the 3.5mm jack. You can utilize it for gaming with the PS4, New Xbox One, or even use it to tune in to music from your iPad, cell phone, tablet, among other gadgets that are good with this jack. At the point when you need to associate an old form of the Xbox One controller, you should get an extra Microsoft connector.

Another in addition to this gadget is that it gives a reasonable sound. It features a 40mm attractive neodymium driver that improves the affectability of the speaker which helps in a sound clearness. The headset additionally joins an omnidirectional noise segregating microphone. With this, you can profit by a reasonable, top notch sound from other gamers, since it can transmit a top notch sound, having dropped the foundation noise.

This headset features a plan that will give you comfort through long gaming hours. Additionally, is that it features a plan that is intended to last. The mic is long and adaptable with the goal that you can alter it to suit your craving. Then again, the earpads include a skin-accommodating cowhide with great air penetrability to diminish perspiring and give a cooling impact.

The earcups include splendid LED lights that feature the climate of the game. The link is a dependable enemy of winding twisted USB rope that is worked to last. It features a volume controller and a quiet catch to empower you to quiet the microphone or control the volume advantageously.

You May Like Bengoo G9000 Keyboard for the Following Key Specifications:

  • 40mm attractive neodymium driver.
  • A 3.5 mm jack.
  • An omnidirectional noise-separating microphone.
  • A long and adaptable microphone.
  • A dependable enemy of winding meshed USB string.
  • A volume controller and a quiet catch on the link.
  • Driven lights on the earcups.


The BENGOO gaming headsets incorporate a lot of features that make them strong, flexible, and profoundly useful. With the 3.5mm jack, you can make certain to utilize them with an assortment of gadgets that can bolster this association. The headsets can give a long and open to gaming experience because of the delicate cowhide development.

 In addition, is that they help lessen interruptions because of the volume controller and quiet catch situated readily available. The headsets give confirmation of an unmistakable sound from other gamers because of the 40mm attractive neodymium driver and the omnidirectional noise-separating microphone. The microphone is long and movable meant to add to your solace. This item weighs 9.6 ounces while it estimates 8.3 x 4.4 x 7.9 inches.

Step by step instructions to Setup PS4 Headsets

When you get the best headsets for PS4, the issue that outcomes are that of setting up your headsets. How about we have a brief glance at the means to follow for a decent arrangement.

Stage 1: Ensure that you get a good optical link from your provider. After this, guarantee you have the most recent. To refresh the most recent working framework, in the Playstation dynamic menu, select the settings symbol then the framework programming update symbol. Adhere to the directions to download and introduce the most recent working framework.

Stage 2: After refreshing your working framework, associate the USB link to the PS4. In the play dynamic menu, select settings > sound and screen > Audio output settings > Primary output port > advanced output (optical).

Stage 3: After going through those means, return to the audio output settings. Select output to headphones and afterward talk audio (default). Ensure that you don't choose all audio for a decent voice balance.

Stage 4: Finally, select the Audio output setting again, go to audio position (need) and afterward direct PCM (default).


I trust that you would now be able to make the best determination of your PS4 headsets. Guarantee that you follow our guide for you to get the best incentive for cash. You should likewise not search further for the Best ps4 Headset Under 50 dollar, as the ones talked about above incorporate the highlights that the best gaming headphones should incorporate.

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