5 Best Outdoor Watches Under 100 In 2020

This article provides you with the most insightful survey of the best outdoor watches under 100. Look at it currently to see the best recommendations I have for you!

Sturdy, fashionable, and proficient, I wager these are the golden trio of criteria that you search for in an outdoor watch. Sadly, most high-quality outdoor watches matching the requirements are far off for most customers.

Is there anything you can do about it? Would you be able to get something worth your cash when your budget is rather restricted?

The answer is unquestionable yes! There are still affordable watches designed to persevere through the mileage. In my audit today, I will give you my best 5 choices on the best outdoor watches under $100!

Is it true that you are curious? We should continue scrolling to discover increasingly about what I have in store for you!

  • 1. Casio G-SHOCK - The GA 100-1A1 Military Series Watch - Best for Outdoor Activities 

5 Best Digital Watches Under 100

, how about we get started by one of my most top choice - Casio G-Shock, model GA 100-1A1 in the military series. Casio has established notoriety for its digital devices, yet the G-Shock branch has genuinely taken outdoor watches to the following level. Why would that be?

First of all, examine the design itself. G-Shock features a case width of 37 mm, which makes time-watching easy and helpful. Whether you are an enthusiast of analog or digital watches, G-Shock is still ready to satisfy you, as these two types of watches are both shown on the screen.

Furthermore, G-Shock is famous for its toughness. Since it aims at customers regularly taking part in outdoor activities like sports or military, G-Shock is very much secured against any external impacts. Water-resistant, vibration-resistant and brightly lit in obscurity if necessary, G-Shock deserves to be on the wishlist of those desperately needing a high-quality outdoor watch.

Besides, the band of this watch is produced using resin with metal clasp closure, so rest assured that your accessory will stay well on your wrist.

Another reason why I love Casio G-Shock is the number of time zones and cities accessible. There are up to 29 distinctive time zones and in excess of 40 cities including the UTC joined in a G-Shock watch. Any place you are on Earth, don't hesitate to adjust the watch voluntarily.

Notwithstanding, this watch has one minor downside that you might need to know. Although an electroluminescent backlight is fit for lighting up the analog bit, it fails to do likewise with the digital piece of the watch.

Be that as it may, frankly, I myself don't think it is a major issue for this amazing watch. On the off chance that you approve of reading time in an analog way, there is no reason why you should move in the opposite direction from purchasing this item.


  • High toughness (in any event, for submerged activities) 
  • Various capabilities - from simple time-watching to the stopwatch include 
  • An assortment of colors to fit the inclination of customers 


  • A rather masculine design 
  • Problems reading the digital version 

  • 2. Timex Expedition Grid Shock Watch - Best among Durable Watches 

5 Best Digital Watches Under 100

Next up, I need to recommend to you a thing from Timex. In the event that you are tired of the common round watches and might want to switch to something new, then perhaps the Timex Expedition Grid Shock watch will please your interest!

What struck me when I first analyzed a Timex watch is its particular design. This brand creates its Grid Shock watch with a rectangular dial, making it outstanding in appearance contrasted with other customary watches.

The thing is, while this item might glance somewhat strange irregular, it surely provides some amazing features. Timex watch is ensured as shock-resistant based on I.S.O standards, with a top plate produced using stainless steel. Stress not over breaking your watch, my individual individuals, because Timex watch is worked to last!

Similar to the Casio G-Shock watch, Timex watch has an illuminated clock face, which makes time-reading a lot easier in obscurity.

Still, there is one thing I dislike about this thing. Timex watch allows you to switch to the chronometer display when required, which is amazing. In any case, at whatever point the display is turned on, the present time won't show up on the screen. Not so much cooler, isn't it?

Anyways, I think this downsize is still excusable. See for yourself whether the Timex watch merits your cash because I certainly think it is!


  • Suitable for submerged activities like snorkeling and swimming 
  • Various usages - from hydration alerts to commencement timer 
  • Durable and all-around manufactured 


  • Excessively big for the size of the average wrist 
  • Rather ugly for female customers 

  • 3. Lad Weather Outdoor Watch - Best for Tracking External Factors 

5 Best Digital Watches Under 100

The third item on my list of the best outdoor watches under $100 is from Lad Weather. Do you need a versatile outdoor watch, yet you abhor the intimidating look of a Casio G-Shock or a Timex watch? Indeed, I wager you will be content with this option from Lad Weather.

Lad Weather outdoor watch features a round dial with a case width of 22m, large enough for you to peruse the time easily. Every segment of the watch is produced using durable materials like stainless steel or Polyurethane, which means it can last for a moderately long time.

However, what I love most about Lad Weather outdoor watch is its wide range of interesting features. Is it true that you are into hiking? In the event that yes, you will be excited to discover that Lad Weather watch. It allows users to figure the altimeter through gathered barometric information.

Does that sound impressive? Hang tight, because the fun is not finished at this point. Lad Weather incorporates other useful details into its watch, from a graphical and numeric compass, a thermometer, and even the weather forecast through icons. Next time you are going to commence an outdoor experience, remember to bring along this useful gadget.

Nevertheless, I found the dial produced using acrylic crystal entirely fragile. On the off chance that you are not cautious and as often as possible crash the surface against sharp edges, the dial can be slightly scratched, so watch out!

In short, I would say that Lad Weather is your optimal decision on the off chance that you are an outdoor sportsman. In addition to the fact that it is affordable, it is highly practical with a ton of original features.


  • Monitor external factors like the weather conditions, the temperature, and the directions 
  • Suitable for the mid-range budget 
  • Lightweight and easy to convey 


  • Less durable because of its use of plastic 
  • Inclined to scratches on the dial 

  • 4. Casio G-Shock Digital Watch - Best for Sports Activities 

5 Best Digital Watches Under 100

Aside from the classic Casio G-Shock watch with both the analog and the digital clock face, I also love the simple digital version of the brand. How about we see what it offers contrasted with the previously presented item!

In general, Casio G-Shock digital watch shares numerous similarities with its analog-digital partner. The watch features an illuminated clock face with a case measurement up to 45mm, thus making time-reading in dreary conditions a bit of cake. Yahoo!

Casio G-Shock digital watch also comes with other useful details. There is a multi-work caution that enables an hourly time signal, a commencement timer, and a programmed schedule.

The stopwatch with the precision up to 1/100 second and the timekeeping mode ensure a pleasant encounter for users, especially for those who work in sports-related fields.

Still, it should be noticed that the navigation buttons of the Casio G-Shock Digital watches are really difficult to press in. Although this is a purposeful design from the manufacturers to stay away from the buttons getting pushed coincidentally, I still figure numerous customers will struggle with it.

If its all the same to you those buttons, then congratulations! Casio G-Shock Digital watch is the thing that you requirement for an outdoor outing without having to spend lots of cash. Get one and reveal to me your comments!


  • Water-resistant and shock-resistant 
  • Different features into a single gadget 
  • An illuminated clock face for effortless time-reading 


  • A constrained viewing angle 
  • Not suitable for cushy workers 

  • 5. PALADA Men's Digital Sports Watch - Best for Price 

5 Best Digital Watches Under 100

The fifth item on my list of the best outdoor watches under $100 is a model from Palada. On the off chance that Casio or Timex is out of your range, you might need to evaluate this affordable sports watch.

Palada watch can be considered very reasonable for most customers, yet trust me, its affordability does not come at the expense of its quality. Palada gives its customers a solid yet impeccably fashionable accessory on their wrist.

In terms of the features, Palada provides basically any capacity like other outdoor watches. The morning timer is fit for giving you vibration and sound when required, joined with the Japanese chipset for the most precise time reading.

In addition, you will locate a programmed schedule, a chronograph display, and a system allowing you to switch between a 12H or 24H format. Quite advantageous, right?

Try not to anticipate that this model should be flawless though, because things being what they are, the installed compass of this Palada watch is to a greater extent an improving purpose than of real use. You most likely would not have any desire to come into the woods with a Palada watch hoping it will call attention to the directions for you.

In the event that you figure you will be fine without a compass, then great! Palada outdoor watch is just what you need, as it offers a pleasant user-involvement in simple yet sufficient features.


  • High strength 
  • Perfect for basic usages like time-reading or morning timer settings 
  • Affordable for most customers 


  • Not persevere through harsh submerged conditions

How To Choose the Best Outdoor Watches Under 100

Choosing a quality outdoor watch is not an easy task, especially on the off chance that you are curious about hundreds of watches accessible available. This is the reason why I will guide you through the 5 most significant factors to think about. Next time you choose you to want something sporty on your wrist, remember what I am going to let you know! 

1. Price range 

Obviously, the amount you can afford for an outdoor watch should top your list. My list focuses on the products inside the $100 price range, so here is my recommendation. 

On the off chance that you can go as far as $80 and that's just the beginning, I would say a Casio Pro Trek or a Casio G-Shock GW2310-1 will be the best. While they are slightly more expensive than other choices, they improve an investment over the long haul. 

Be that as it may, on the off chance that you want your watch to be around $50, then Lad Weather products are satisfactory. Of course, they won't be as sturdy and dependable as those from Casio, yet they sure carry out their responsibilities all around ok. 

For customers who truly need to tighten the budget, XABegin or Palada watches are my recommendations. They are cost-saving, and their effectiveness is not compromised by their low price. 

2. Features accessible 

In the event that what you need is an outdoor watch for energetic activities, you need to pay special mind to specific features. 

Is the watch you plan to purchase waterproof? In the event that yes, the amount ATM would it be able to persevere? Some watches can just arrangement with hand-washing, while others permit you to go snorkeling or swimming without breaking into pieces. 

Most of the outdoor watches are fused with a compass display and a weather forecast. Be that as it may, you might want to look at if these features really work, or they are just stylistic theme. 

In case you need a thermometer, a gauge, and a height checker in your hiking or climbing trip, there are some watches designed to give you what you need. 

Be that as it may, again, in my experience, the results you get from these details are usually not 100% right. You can use them - of course - yet don't put all your trust into these outdoor watches. 

3. Material and sturdiness 

The material used to create an outdoor watch will have a ton of say in deciding a timepiece's solidness. 

In the event that your watch's dial is produced using acrylic crystal, the chances are it is more easily demolished by scratches. I would suggest you go for watches whose dial is from mineral glass, as it would keep your watch from having minor crevices here and afterward. 

Aside from the clock face, you also need to focus on the material of the body, the clasp, and the straps. I would say that most of the well known outdoor watches available utilize dark resin, elastic, and plastic, yet the nature of these watches is not consistent. 

Some famous brand - like Casio - tends to invest in higher-quality resin, so their products are less prone to be fragile. Be that as it may, don't expect other lower-end brands to adhere to the same standards. 

4. Complementary details 

The basic features of an outdoor watch are certainly the must-haves, however, it would serve you much better if your accessory has more to it than just simply a time-reading display. 

There are sports watches with an illuminated screen, which makes it easier for you to tell the time in obscurity. Also, some Casio products join an afterglow include, so after you turn off the light, the light still lingers on for a couple of moments before getting shut off completely. 

On the off chance that you want to think about the date, search for the auto-schedule installed in specific watches. Most outdoor watches even have diverse time zones accessible, and they permit you to see the time in foreign cities. 

Of course, these features are discretionary, yet personally, I figure your watch will profit a great deal of this seemingly additional stuff. There is the 12 or 24H switch for you to pick which format you discover more pleasing, the commencement timer and the stopwatch with the exactness up to 1/100 second (extremely useful for sports!). 

Gracious, and remember the hourly toll with the caution settings. That is to say, sure, your telephone can do these things as well, however having a watch equipped for notifying you at whatever point you need to is all in all a plus, right? 

5. Comfort and appearance 

Numerous individuals look down on these two factors yet trust me; you won't want a cumbersome accessory on your wrist. 

Sadly, most outdoor watches are made to persevere through harsh conditions, so they will in general look really rugged, military-like, and substantial. They don't make an entirely fashionable look, yet at last, it is up to you whether or not you want something like that. 

When you purchase an outdoor watch, I think most would agree that you should not wear formal or extravagant events. These watches are not suitable for such occasions, so on the off chance that you are not sporty, you might want to reconsider before making your purchase. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I purchase a fitness tracker or an outdoor watch? 

I think the answer particularly depends on your needs. Both a fitness tracker and an outdoor watch are lightweight, convenient, and versatile. 

In any case, a fitness tracker is about your wellbeing. It will follow your vitals and give you information on anything identified with your prosperity. In the event that you are a gym-fiend, or simply someone who wishes to control their wellbeing, then a fitness tracker is for you. 

Then again, an outdoor watch has a more extensive range of use. Besides time-reading, a high-quality sports watch can recognize certain external factors like temperature, height, or directions. In case you are mostly engaged in outdoor activities and might want to be refreshed on the surrounding environment, having a watch is a much better decision. 

2. Would I be able to get GPS signals and other information in wherever? 

No. On the off chance that you happen to be somewhere far away from the phone system (on the mountains, profound into the forest, and so on), then chances are you can't get GPS signal and other information. 

3. Would I be able to climb in the downpour or swim with one of these watches? 

The entirety of the watch in my list of the best outdoor watches under $100 is water-confirmation. Be that as it may, its degree of resistance varies from item to item. 

For instance, a Casio G-Shock watch or a Timex outdoor watch will permit you to go swimming and in any event, snorkeling without breaking. 

Then again, there are other watches made to bear just a gentle measure of water pressure. Take the XABegin outdoor watch, for a model. This timepiece claims to be waterproof, yet it just works as long as you come into contact with water for a short time, similar to when you wash your hand. 

Usually, the more expensive a watch is, the better the water-resistant it is. In the event that you want to ensure your wristwatch does not break after a couple of times going out in the downpour, I would advise you against buying efficiently made watches.


So, what do you think about my list? Are the previously introduced watches the best outdoor watches under $100, or you still think there are better options?
Either way, I am hopeful that my piece of advice has been helpful to you. If you intend on buying a sports watch anytime soon, do not forget to bookmark this article for future reference!

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