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Anker true wireless is having their time within the sun, lapping up every ray that comes their way. Anker wants in on the fun with the Anker soundcore life 2. These could also be another pair of AirPods lookalikes but they afford such a lot more for therefore much less.

In 2016, when Apple became the primary manufacturer to drop the three.5mm headphone jack from its handsets, a revolution was promised. The first-generation Apple Airpods, released within the same year, was to be the primary of a wave of latest true wireless earbuds that might transform wearables forever.

It’s only recently that this promise has really begun to bear fruit, though – with a tsunami of true wireless earbud models at affordable prices, instead of just the high-end versions we’d had to form do with before.

Chinese manufacturer Anker is one of the newer players to throw its hat into the ring. With established name recognition, through its popular Soundcore speakers and batteries, Anker features a cachet that a lot of others don't. this is often still a replacement area for the corporate, however, and intrinsically all of its products are first tries – so are they worth a buy even at the budget price of $59.99 / £49.99 / AU$100?


In the world of true wireless, there are only a couple of distinctive form factors, and of those, the soundcore life p2 is firmly within the inspired-by-Airpods category – which is to mention they quite blatantly copy Apple’s design.

But regardless of the Soundcore Life P2 earbuds lack in originality, they create up for with comfort and utility. Each of the earbuds is feather-light and features a reassuringly snug fit, helped by the inclusion of several silicon tips in several sizes.

The stalk from the earbuds is dark, meaning they don’t stand out the maximum amount because the white AirPods aren’t overly long either. Each bud features a single button thereon, with simple functionality (on/off, pairing, and track skipping) which helps to stay things relatively straightforward.

The carrying case is light too, and charges with the superior USB-C standard – a pleasant touch that we don’t always get at this price point. It houses an outsized battery which, with combined charging and usage on the go, enables up to 40 hours of use faraway from the charger. While using the buds for a typical commute across one week, we found that we never needed to recharge the case itself, having quite enough juice to top-up the buds every few days.

In all, these earbuds are unobtrusive and cozy, if a touch utilitarian. The case fits well into a coat pocket on a commute, which is what it had been designed for. the only little bit of flair may be a little gold accent on the rim of every bud – otherwise, they’re an austere affair, which is to be expected from the budget price point.


As is common for audio products sold primarily through Amazon, the Anker soundcore life p2 earbuds accompany a litany of selling speak attached. Their price is justified by “graphene drivers, beamforming noise reduction, cVc 8.0 technology, BassUp technology, PUSH AND GO technology” and more – but you'll ignore most of this.

To begin with, Bluetooth connectivity is at the stronger end. Using an iPhone 11, we found reception stayed consistent across rooms and thru various walls, with no skips or dropouts, and this proved to be the case while on the go too. Pairing is additionally easy, with the buds connecting immediately to the last device used when far away from their case.

The sound profile makes an excellent first impression too, which mostly bears out too across extended usage. Bass is punchy and energetic, if not exactly spacious, but on the entire there’s a decently-sized soundstage with both buds in your ears.

We found the bass line in Outkast’s Prototype funky and smooth, the nice and cozy jazzy notes of Kate Schilling’s Kite vocals well represented, and power to spare within the drums of Avenged Sevenfold’s track Crossroads. These earbuds are designed for the commute, and with an IPX7 rating, for workouts too – but they’re for consumers who use Spotify, not audiophiles armed to the teeth with FLAC files and Ohms (look it up).

One powerful point of those earbuds is their call performance. With four microphones overall, we came in with high expectations – which were mostly met.

Who should get the Anker SoundCore Life P2?

These earbuds are built to try to to a touch little bit of everything, making them great for general consumers. they need a well-known aesthetic and make use of USB-C charging, instead of its dated micro USB ancestor. Battery life is above average, but if you would like something more specialized—say for exercise or travel—you should check out a delegated workout or noise-canceling headset instead.

Using the Anker SoundCore Life P2

Anker used a formulaic recipe to make the SoundCore Life P2 totally wireless earbuds: an all-plastic build with a stemmed design that mimics the Apple AirPods. It’s uninspiring but it works, and that I was happy to ascertain the corporate used dedicated nozzles for a far better fit than the first AirPods.

Each earbud is outfitted with a button showcasing the SoundCore logo, and these buttons are incredibly difficult to press. I initially thought just the left earbud housed a button because it required such a lot of force to press the proper button. I think this may loosen over time, but it creates quite a little bit of pressure against the external ear.

It isn’t a stretch to call this painful, and therefore the workaround is to carry the bottom of the stem between your thumb and finger while pressing the button together with your index. Doing so alleviates the pressure placed against your ear but you shouldn’t need to do that so as to skip a track or access Google Assistant. If you’re someone who relies on onboard controls, you'll want to grab the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air 2 instead.

You can workout with the earbuds, but there are better options

The earbuds stay within the ear tolerably for general cardio like running but fell out of my ears with more vigorous movement like jumping jacks. What’s more, the stems frequently got caught on my towel as I wiped the sweat away. This caused the ‘buds to fly out of my ears multiple times during testing. If you’re weightlifting or simply taking a stroll around the block, the earbuds should stay in only fine.

Despite a budget feel of the Anker soundcore life 2, they’re rather durable and may be fully submerged for up to half-hour. Onboard storage isn’t available, though, therefore the earphones can’t actually be used while swimming. For that, you’ll need to address something just like the JBL Endurance Dive.

If you’re trying to find everyday earbuds that you simply may go call at a couple of times a month, these should be fine. If, however, you would like these to be your go-to pair of workout earbuds: check out something else, just like the Creative Outlier Gold, JLab JBuds Air Icon, or Jabra Elite Active 75t if you’re willing to distribute the cash.

How does one connect the Anker SoundCore Life P2?

To initiate the pairing process, remove the Anker SoundCore Life P2 earbuds from the case, and await the LED indicators at rock bottom of the stems to flash white. Then, open the Bluetooth menu on your required source device and scan for a replacement Bluetooth device. Select the “Anker SoundCore Life P2” and permit it to pair together with your smartphone. Setup should take just a couple of seconds and you’re able to rock and roll with the earbuds.

The soundcore life p2 doesn’t support multipoint connectivity, so you've got to manually switch between a smartphone, laptop, and tablet. so as to try to so, manually disconnect from the first device, and manually hook up with the second one. It’s an additional step but not an enormous deal. For anyone who views multipoint connectivity as a necessity.

Anker supports aptX, AAC, and SBC for wireless streaming; whether you've got an iPhone or Android smartphone, you’ll hear high-quality audio. While these earphones use Bluetooth 5.0 firmware, they lack True Wireless Stereo Plus technology, meaning they’re not impervious to connection stutters and the lag between making a command and having it executed (e.g. skipping a song).

How good is that the battery?

The Anker SoundCore Life P2 earbuds hold out for six hours, 41 minutes until the batteries beat out, outlasting the first Anker SoundCore Liberty Air. If you’re during a pinch, you'll always believe quick charging to supply an hour of playback after just 10 minutes of charging. The chunky USB-C case provides an additional 4.7 charge cycles for on-the-go listening. With this great capacity, it might are neat to ascertain dual-charging capabilities just like the JLab Epic Air Sport. This omission is sensible, though, as a way of keeping costs down.

What does the Anker SoundCore Life P2 sound like?

The soundcore life p2 reproduce surprisingly accurate audio given the economical price. Bass notes are lightly emphasized to form fundamental vocal frequencies easier to discern from other sounds. The 600Hz-2kHz crest adds a greater sense of perceived clarity since that’s where many instrumental resonances lie. Generally speaking, this is often an excellent headset to urge if you would like to transition from something like Beats to more neutral-leaning headphones.

Isolation isn’t great: the earbuds hardly do anything to filter external noise. I used to be diligent about finding a correct fit with these earbuds because bass notes quickly fell to the wayside once ground noise made its way through the earbud barrier. If you propose to require these on your commute, you’ll enjoy a pair of memory foam ear tips. Anker doesn’t include that here because it does with the SoundCore Liberty Air, though, so you’ll need to buy your own.

Lows, mids, and highs

Virginia to Vegas’ song Just Friends Derik Baker’s vocals are rendered accurately and are easy to parse aside from the accompanying bassline and riffs. The chorus, when the best number of instruments contribute to the song, sounds clear through the earbuds and rivals slightly costlier sub-$100 options.

That said, the treble emphasis is detrimental to the song: finger snaps are incredibly clear but made it difficult on behalf of me to specialize in Baker’s vocals during the choruses. Skip ahead to 0:40, and you’ll hear snaps which are more accurately rendered with the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go or maybe the Samsung Galaxy Buds. This isn’t necessarily bad and that I enjoyed it initially, but eventually wanted to be ready to consider more important parts of my music, even within the song Just Friends.

Microphone quality is ok for phone calls

Despite the impressive jargon surrounding the four-microphone array, mic quality isn’t excellent. Low-frequency notes are de-emphasized to the detriment of clarity. We’ve seen other better mic systems do that so as to combat the proximity effect, but within the case of the Anker SoundCore Life P2, it just leads to poor voice quality. Nearly anyone who uses the headset will sound “off.” I wouldn’t recommend it for professional use unless it’s a really brief call, but you'll decide for yourself if it'll fit your needs.

How does the Anker SoundCore Life P2 compare to the competition?

Anker’s headsets are hard to hammer in their given price brackets: the corporate has mastered the art of creating high-value, low-cost earphones. the most important drawback to the soundcore life p2 is its difficult-to-press onboard controls. It’s one thing if a headsets controls are unresponsive—that’s just annoying—but it’s a totally different issue when operating the controls causes pain.

Anker SoundCore Life P2 vs. Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo

A much cheaper alternative to the Life P2 is that the Anker SoundCore Liberty Neo; this follows Anker’s high-value, low-cost philosophy without causing ear pain when operating the tactile controls. the freedom Neo forgoes the stemmed look, instead choosing a more traditional true wireless earbud shape. a bit like the Life P2, the Neo earbuds support just AAC and SBC.

They protrude quite a bit from the ear, which proved annoying when wearing a beanie, but the fit is superb. Sounds were effectively filtered out, because of the strong seal created by the ‘buds. the freedom Neo also is more durable than the costlier Life P2 and received a politician IPX7 rating.

Anker SoundCore Life P2 vs. Anker SoundCore Liberty Air

Listeners looking to remain within the $60 range should consider the Anker SoundCore Liberty Air. These retail for $79 and retain an equivalent stemmed design with touch controls, instead of buttons. this suggests, you only need to tap, instead of push, to skip a track. You run into different issues with the freedom Air, though, because the glossy plastic may be a fingerprint magnet and therefore the case uses micro USB charging. You’re also sacrificing some durability (IPX5 compared to IPX7), but autoconnect works seamlessly. Plus, sound and microphone quality is great for the worth.

At that time, you would possibly also raise to the freedom Air 2 for an additional $20: battery life is bigger, wireless charging is supported, and a number of more premium features are supported.

Look beyond the Anker SoundCore brand

Cheap true wireless earbuds are not any longer a rare breed. Quite the contrary, they’re everywhere the place. If you would like a seamless Android experience, the Samsung Galaxy Buds may be a stellar option. Since the arrival of the Galaxy Buds Plus, the first Buds have dropped quite a bit in price but still supply great battery life and sound quality during a portable package.

Alternatively, the Creative Outlier Air and Outlier Gold are a number of our favorite true wireless earphones under $100 due to their durability, fit, battery life, and sound quality. Both headsets support AAC and aptX, are IPX5-rated, and have great microphone capabilities.

Should you buy the Anker SoundCore Life P2?

The Anker SoundCore Life P2 is a stimulating headset and would be such a simple pick to recommend if not for the painful button controls. If you’re someone who never uses onboard controls anyway, you'll escape with the SoundCore Life P2 and really enjoy it. For the remainder folks, we’re happier avoiding the hurt and getting one among the company’s alternative models or looking outside the Anker SoundCore family altogether. Fortunately, we’re at a real wireless apex and it seems there are fine options everywhere you look.


There are many true wireless earbuds out there lately, flooding every price point, from budget buds to high-end portable audio – as established players and newcomers alike attempt to make a reputation for themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

And yet, the Anker Soundcore Life P2 buds manage to face out from the gang. they need a cushty, fuss-free design, good sound, decent call quality, and endurance to spare. They can’t offer the very best grade of reproduction, but what they are doing produce does bely their price point and is certainly ok for the typical listener.

Those who do fluff up the selling price will find much to enjoy, as these represent a big upgrade on what is often found at the £20 / $30 mark, where many will likely be upgrading from.

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