Logitech G402 Review: Best Gaming Mouse

However disgruntled I'm becoming about the quantity of gaming hardware being named after Attic characters, I even have to admit to being seriously impressed by the newest Logitech mouse.

It's being marketed as 'the world's fastest gaming mouse' and to be fair Logitech have gotten some extent. it isn't trading on the type of crazy-high DPI settings it's bigger sibling, the Logitech G402  Proteus Core, can manage, but it's capable of tracking your movements however quickly you hurl your rodent round the desktop.

The G502 is in a position to hit a maximum DPI of some 12,000, while the Logitech G402 is seemingly lagging behind at a leisurely 4,000 DPI. that does not sound quick, but sensitivity doesn't equate to tracking speed.

And that's where the G402 can claim dominion over just about anything out there. The Hyperion Fury can track movements up to around 500 inches-per-second (ips) while the quickest you'll generally find in high-spec mice just like the Logitech G402 G502 Hyperion Fury are some things within the region of 300ips

How is it doing such voodoo? Well, it's all right down to the Fusion Engine hybrid sensor Logitech has placed at the guts of the G402. Normal gaming mice use optical sensors to stay track of their movement across a given surface, but if you create sudden movements the sensor can lose track of where it's and you lose accuracy and consistency in-game.

Logitech's way around this is often to feature an accelerometer and gyroscope into the Fusion Engine, all plugged into a 32-bit ARM core. meaning albeit the optical laser sensor loses its bearings the accelerometer and gyroscope are ready to predict, impressively precisely, where the mouse is moving.

All this suggests the G402 Hyperion Fury offers one among the foremost consistently accurate FPS gaming experiences you will find.

Name aside, what I'm not massively sold on are the more cosmetic features of the G402. The long thin grip would be fine if it shared the G502's thumb rest, allowing us claw-grip gamers a easier hold. I'd also wish to see the geared scroll wheel of its big brother.

Inevitably when I'm talking a few Logitech mouse, though, I'm getting to provides a shout bent the gorgeous G9, and beg them to ascertain if they will stick a Fusion Engine into their old chassis.

But personal issues aside, the Logitech G402  is a superb FPS gaming mouse. it'll consistently keep track of any speedy movement up to, and possibly including, hurling it across the space during a fit of gaming pique.

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